The Fine Details


During my experience working as a photographer I’ve heard our clients ask many similar questions… Here is a list of the most frequently asked ones! If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!
What is my photography style?

I have always been drawn to light, bright, creamy images! I love the dreaminess of them! I am a natural light photographer and love chasing the sun! With that being said, I am able to take photos inside with the assistance of natural light coming in, a flash or if needed, additional light sources I can bring in with me.

Who is my clientele?

My client is anyone who values and respects the work of a professional photographer. I get it. Photography is an investment. But it’s such a important one. Yes, cell phones take great pictures! I use mine all the time for my children. But there’s something to be said for actually creating a photograph to be displayed and enjoyed for years and years to come!

What is the process for booking?

After you and I determine we are a good fit and we agree upon a location, date, and time for your shoot, I require a $50 non-refundable deposit to book your session. Your preferred date and time will not be held until your initial deposit is made. The remaining balance will be due 30 days prior to our agreed upon shoot date. Should you need to set up a payment plan, I am happy to assist with that at no additional cost.

Are there additional fees added to my session?

A 5.3% Virginia sales tax will be added to all sessions. Additionally, a $5 Paypal transaction fee will be added to sessions paid via Paypal.

Are there any travel fees for the photographer?

Lucky for you, I LOVE shooting in new and exciting places! I travel throughout the Hampton Roads area to ensure I can meet your needs! However, sessions outside of the Hampton Roads area may incur travel fees. If this applicable to your session, I will contact you to discuss prior to booking.

How long will it take to recieve my images?

For any type of shoot besides an event, I will have your images ready for viewing within two weeks. For event photography, please allow four weeks.

What am I allowed to do with my images?

Once your download your images, you are free to use and print them as you please, with a few exceptions.

1) You may use on social media, however, please do not crop, edit or use a filter on any of the images. If you would like an adjustment made, please contact me and I am happy to assist. Additionally, please be sure to tag Kelly Marderosian Photography on social sites to give credit to the photographer.

2) You may use the images for personal use only.

3) You may not use the images for commercial use without the consent of the photographer.

Where can I find inspiration for my shoot?

Pinterest! Yes! I an avid pinner and I would recommend creating a personal board on Pinterest to save your ideas. You can invite me to collaborate with you so I can get a feel for the type of posing you like and what you hope to get from your session! This is your session and it should be as unique as you!

What should we wear?

That’s totally up to you! You can be as authentic as you want to be, or you can plan a color scheme for your photo shoot. I have had family photos done many times and I understand choosing outfits can be a major stressor! Luckily, I am here to help and I can even suggest a color palette should you need some assistance! My one suggestion is to avoid busy patterns.

Who owns my images?

Do you have any other questions? If so, please Contact me.