About Kelly

hey, friend!

The world needs more sunshine and sweet tea! At least my southern heart thinks so!

I am a mom, a wife and this photography business of mine brings me so much joy! I am completely in love with life and everything and everyone in it! I have always loved taking photos. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a camera. The older I grow, I realize more and more how quickly time is fleeting. Having photos to look back on allows me to remember a moment in time I may have otherwise forgotten. Photos aren’t just photos. They are precious memories. They are meaningful. They tell stories. Stories of love and laughter. Stories of family and friends. Stories of life.

When asked what is my favorite thing about photography, the answer is always the same. Finding beauty in ordinary things. An old oak tree. Weathered brick. The glow of the setting sun. It’s all beautiful and I love capturing it from behind my camera. Let’s chase light and tell your story together.

i'm so glad you are here!

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xo - Melanie

On my photography dream wish list, I want to photograph a tropical destination wedding and photograph a celebrity! a girl can dream, right?

My starbucks order is a venti iced coffee with four stevia and half and half! Yummmm! side note: have you had starbucks brownies? grab one. You'll thank me later! 

My dream travel destinations are greece, italy, paris and germany! i already have a passport! 

I am a pinterest junkie! I love browsing new recipes, quotes, home improvement ideas and finding photography inspiration!

I LIVE in my denim jacket. it will always be in style to me! It's my absolute favorite piece of clothing!

5 fun facts about me